Lytocaryum hoehnei

Family: Arecaceae    Palma

Nome comune: Hoehne's Miniature Coconut Palm

Sinonimia scientifica:
Syagrus hoehnei

Freddo zona di robustezza: 9b     Mostra il Regno Unito e la zona di mappe degli Stati Uniti

Lytocaryum hoehnei informazioni

Stem 1–4 m tall and about 10 cm in diameter. Leaves 16–22 in the crown, pinnate and ± straight, about 1.3 m long, leaflets 1.5–2.0 cm in width. Inflorescence with 34–50 primary branches. Staminate flowers 6–8 mm long. Fruits ovoid, 3–3.3 cm long, pale green to yellowish green and dehiscing at maturity. Seed with ruminate endosperm.

Informazioni generali:
This palm has the largest leaves, fruit and seeds in the genus. The ruminate endosperm and the location of the endocarp pores above its base easily distinguishes it from the others.


Originaria, Brazil

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