Dictyocaryum lamarckianum

Family: Arecaceae    Palma

Nome comune: Andean Royal Palm

Sinonimia scientifica:
Iriartea lamarckiana, Deckeria lamarckiana, Dictyocaryum platysepalum, Dictyocaryum schultzei, Dictyocaryum globiferum, Dictyocaryum superbum

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Dictyocaryum lamarckianum informazioni

Canopy palm. Stem solitary, erect, to 25 m tall and 40 cm in diameter, often swollen in the central part. Base supported by a 1-2 m tall, dense cone of black stilroots, these with numerous short, whitish root spines. Leaves 3-6, to 5 m long, strongly bushy; pinnae numerous, longitudinally split, jagged at the apex, silverish green below. Inflorescence to 2 m long, erect, with numerous long, pendulous branches, creamish yellow in flower. Fruit greenish yellow, globose, ca. 3 cm in diameter.

Informazioni generali:
Occurs at high elevation to 800 - 2000 m from Panama to Bolivia along the Andes. Tolerates considerable frost.


Originaria, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Venezuela

Patchily distributed through the Andes in montane rain forest on steep slopes, at 1000-2000 m elevation.

Località: Ecuador (-18.159945°N, -64.215088°E)

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