Beschorneria yuccoides Image
Beschorneria yuccoides

Beschorneria yuccoides

Family: Asparagaceae   

Nome comune: Mexican Lily

Sinonimia scientifica:
Beschorneria hidalgorupicola

Freddo zona di robustezza: 9a     Mostra il Regno Unito e la zona di mappe degli Stati Uniti

Beschorneria yuccoides informazioni

Informazioni generali:
A very exotic looking plant for a cool climate, with silvery/blue, fleshy leaves and quite extraordinary flower spikes. Beschorneria yuccoides subsp. yuccoides is a member of the Agave family, and originates in pine-oak forests in Mexico (S. Hidalgo) at high altitude - 3500 m (11500 ft.). This plant tolerates a great deal of wet and cold, and can be grown in almost any well drained site in the south or west of the British Isles.



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