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Aciphylla squarrosa

Aciphylla squarrosa

Family: Apiaceae   

Nome comune: Common Speargrass

Freddo zona di robustezza: 7a     Mostra il Regno Unito e la zona di mappe degli Stati Uniti

Aciphylla squarrosa informazioni

Native to New Zealand found in both North Island and South Island in coastal to low-alpine areas. It can withstand temperatures down to -28° C. It forms a dense cluster up to 1 m tall of spiky three-pinnate leaves. The narrow blue-green leaves are highly divided with rigid serrated or crenulated margins and midrib and with pungent tips. These will pierce tramping boots. During November to January sweet scented star-shaped yellow flowers on compound umbels are carried on a stalk up 1 m tall. These stalks are also covered in razor sharp spears presumably as a defence against animals. The name is derived From the Latin acicula ';needle' and the Greek phyllum 'leaf', meaning needle-leaf.

Informazioni generali:
Requires cold stratification and germination can take over a year.


Originaria, New Zealand

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